“We brought in all the countries of the community of our secret weapons: the books, the cultural programs, the technical assistance in agriculture. Concerts, exhibitions, debates are continuously present in the factory. The library is made up of tens of thousands of books and magazines from all around the world. In Olivetti work intellectuals, writers, artists, some of them at apical level. The culture here has a lot of value ”. “A factory cannot look only for the index of profits. But even to distribute wealth, culture, services, democracy”

(Adriano Olivetti)

We are …

D&D Partners was born in 2014 with the idea of “… let’s go together, each with its own and let’s try …”. The idea is based on two realities and on a dream:

  1. Capitalization of the several years of professional experiences for the benefits of our clients, according to the logic of effectiveness and efficiency. No frills and with very realistic practical way.
  2. T2T (Together to Transform): sometimes and depending on the projects, add at our experiences the knowledge and skills of our important network of alliances that years of relationships have helped to discover and exploit. It could be matter of vertical, operational, innovative, services and solutions, contributing in this way to enrich the portfolio of services and solutions quite at 360 degrees.
  3. The embryo of a dream: to build a “Serendipity Machine”


  • We are a small group of professionals with different and specific skills acquired anddeveloped over a long professional career
  • A cohesive team of professionals. Also friends among them.
  • A group of professionals respected and referenced that completes its offer on a broader horizon, also over its own competences, thanks to a significant network of highly qualified alliances that can meet more specific needs of the customer and of which we can be the front-end

We have two only presumptions: D&D Partners while being proud of his being,Click to continue is at the same time humble, respectful and conscious of its own limits to the point that:

  • We believe we do not “know everything”, but at the same time we think we can collaborate with many people and managers of the company organization chart and so to address certain areas of interest to them. It goes without saying that the cooperation with the IT Department is the most established especially in the logic of his relationship with the Business Departments
  • When on some topics were not competent or not felt up to the expectation of the customer (either directly or through our alliances) we guarantee maximum fairness by declaring it openly. In this case the collaboration will therefore be decided by the Client


  • For us customers are “people” which call us for help. Their expectations and needs are already well known to themselves; they expect from us an help for their rationalization and an indication for their solution. We will get from the side of the problems and instances as if we were the customer, avoiding the arrogance of hasty or (too) bright solutions. We’ll indicate only practicable ways according to the viable budget for that customer.
  • In our relationship with the customer, even more of our professionalism, knowledge, skills and abilities, we look for the confidence in the professional relationship. And we guarantee absolute confidentiality and ethics of our relationship with the customer.
  • D&D Partners could be an expert partner for small and medium-sized companies and on certain areas, thank to the experience gained in the field, even for Large Corporate organizations. We work methodically, with dynamism and sense of teamwork. Individually or in teams. And skills are enhanced by new experiences.

D&D Partners is “naturally” ready to work in cooperation and/or coordination with different business partners and suppliers on a broad spectrum, including international