“We brought in all the countries of the community of our secret weapons: the books, the cultural programs, the technical assistance in agriculture. Concerts, exhibitions, debates are continuously present in the factory. The library is made up of tens of thousands of books and magazines from all around the world. In Olivetti work intellectuals, writers, artists, some of them at apical level. The culture here has a lot of value ”. “A factory cannot look only for the index of profits. But even to distribute wealth, culture, services, democracy”

(Adriano Olivetti)

What we do

Within the portfolio of services, especially consulting, program & project management, feasibility studies, as-is assessment (also organizational and process).. But always with responsibility, passion, humility, sense of the practical, without arrogance … even according to a proposition that is affordable and based on reciprocal trust with the customer. And above all, just what we know we are competent and capable and that therefore we can do. We can and we like then collaborate with our extremely significant network of alliances that certainly brings the value added to the “vertical and specific” needs of the customer. Who knows, one day, to build a Serendipity Machine!

We work primarily in the world of Information Technology which we like to face from the point of view of the business and not just from the technology standpoint, that should be instead intended not only as support but as enabler for the business processes. We also work for the local public administration in the municipalities providing them support and consultancy for legal, administrative, logistic, fiscal and other regulations for the office managing the “production of goods and services” for the territory. We can provide also others additional specialized services (Interior Design, Communication, Advertising and Graphics, Sport). We look at the Large / Medium / Small Business, the Professionals, ranging in different markets and sectors (production of goods and services, quality, system integration services, retail, tourism and hospitality (agencies, tour operators , travel, cruises), advertising, graphic, design, … etc.). The wide spectrum of our contribution allows us to interact with almost all members of the Customer without losing our characteristics: “humility, competence, experience, responsibility and sense of the practical.”

You engage us for advice on business processes and on ICT technology & processes (as-is / to-be assessment & evolution, gap analysis, suggestions).
Or for governance, not just ICT.
Or again to assist the design of new solutions where we can provide also services for PMO and Program/Project Management both for the implementation and for the deployment of the resulting projects, sometimes even complexesclick to continue (innovation, transformation, improvement and optimization, sometimes in multi-functional teams composed of many actors, also international).
We have experience in leading or coordinating or assisting the ICT departments. We can collaborate in the development and improvement of the relationships between ICT and business organizations.
We supported the Technical Department in the Retail market particularly for the management and development of the real estate properties.
We provided services for service management, methodology, monitoring, manegemnt and control of the rules according to the quality standards and compliance and the consequent management of the deviations.
We have cooperated in drafting company policies and we conducted continuous auditing services to ensure the accordance to.
We have launched and managed outsourcing services and vice-versa evaluated and sized the effort for in-sourcing.
We have been involved in defining and managing the budget for ICT and also for Technical department in retail market.
We can manage & control the ongoing spending during the fiscal year.… and still …
… we assisted some municipalities on the Productive Activities of the territory, we suggested furnishing and renovation of interiors, we designed and produced advertising brochures and “wearable bracelets” for RFID and finally we carried out some activities in the sport world (data collection and analysis, coaching, communication, motivation, leadership, methodology, assistance) … and still other …


“The three Rules for Work: (1) get out of confusion, find simplicity. (2) By discord, find harmony. (3) In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”

(Abert Einstein)

Areas of Expertise

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

(Steve Jobs)

Delivered Projects

“The term utopia is the easiest way to liquidate what you don’t want, don’t have ability, or dare to do. A dream seems a dream until we start somewhere to make it real, only then it becomes an aim, that is something infinitely greater”

(Adriano Olivetti)


“Coming together is a beginning; staying together is progress; working together is success”

(Henry Ford)