“We brought in all the countries of the community of our secret weapons: the books, the cultural programs, the technical assistance in agriculture. Concerts, exhibitions, debates are continuously present in the factory. The library is made up of tens of thousands of books and magazines from all around the world. In Olivetti work intellectuals, writers, artists, some of them at apical level. The culture here has a lot of value ”. “A factory cannot look only for the index of profits. But even to distribute wealth, culture, services, democracy”

(Adriano Olivetti)

Together to transform


The embryo of a dream: start a “Serendipity Machine”
But meanwhile a very high quality network with which it has worked and continues to work. Collaboration understood as the continuing source of enhancement of knowledge and skills put to the processing service business value of customers

The value of the Network of Alliances intended as complement of the offer. It provides distintive value with vertical specializations and innovates the process of digital transformation of the Customer. Together with a significant diversification of skills

Due to the relationships that D&D Partners has, we can bring to the customer the capabilities that belong to our network of alliances and that drive the change and the transformation of processes and technologies. With this network of alliances (of which D&D Partners can be the front end for the customer who wishes to), you will be able to address and study services and solutions (even and especially innovative) for:Click to continue

Innovative Services and Solutions

  • Start-up: general support, business plan evaluation, temporary management, …
  • Asset Management & Intelligence
  • Big and Fast Data and Reactive Application
  • Innovative solution for Indoor navigation and location based marketing
  • Open source web application platform (framework) for business driven Web/Mobile/IoT applications
  • Remote Visual Expert
  • Framework for Industry 4.0 (data monitoring, capturing, visualization, integration, ticketing): video surveillance, special purpose monitors (i.e. PLC, Domotics, Arduino, Infrastructure implementation consulting solutions in the Remote Services
  • Internet of Thing/of Everywhere: Industry 4.0, IoT and IoE.
  • Next generation technology for management and search of information.

Value–added Services and Solutions

  • Digital Business: Technology, Consulting, Solutions (Collaboration, CRM, Digital Experience, eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Mobile)
  • Business Processes, Business Intelligence, data warehouse and anlaytics: Data Visualization, Big Data, …
  • Budgeting, Expenses Control, Reporting, System/Application Performance analysis, ICT policy, ICT security, …
  • Procurement analysis in purchasing processes, processes optimization and improvement, procedures for assessing suppliers, …
  • Customer care and Help Desk services
  • ECM & Digital signature
  • Methodology
  • Gap analysis
  • Devops, Testing
  • Agile, Young and Multinational Research Program

Traditional Services and Solutions

  • for HR: Smart working – HR models – Recruiting assistance – Job-Posting – Succession-Plan – MBO and Performance Evaluation Management system – 360 feedback model – Skill evaluation system – Training management system – HR reporting – Litigation management system – Talent Management – eLearning – Intranet Collaboration & Communication – Video conference and Tele-presence solutions – …
  • for CEO/President: Organization analysis – Reporting, …
  • for CFO: Corporate Performance Management – Controlling – ERP for Finance – Budgeting
  • for Business and ICT: System Integration – Performance assessment and Optimization – Cloud Computing – IT Infrastructure management – Loyalty and Direct Marketing – Software development – Data analysis and implementations for Datawarehouse – Business Intelligence, Data Visualization and Discovery – Big Data – Contact Center solutions

Other Services and Solutions

  • For sport in General (typically data analysis)
  • For communication
  • Graphic design for advertising and graphics (tableau, brochures, flyers, logos and trademarks, etc.)
  • Interior and Refurbishment Design proposals
  • Services for tourism