“We brought in all the countries of the community of our secret weapons: the books, the cultural programs, the technical assistance in agriculture. Concerts, exhibitions, debates are continuously present in the factory. The library is made up of tens of thousands of books and magazines from all around the world. In Olivetti work intellectuals, writers, artists, some of them at apical level. The culture here has a lot of value ”. “A factory cannot look only for the index of profits. But even to distribute wealth, culture, services, democracy”

(Adriano Olivetti)

Delivered Projects

DID YOU engaged us for real?

Yes, there are those who have hired us to build value together.

Here some of the types of Customer that we worked with:

  • Enterprise Companies in the hospitality market
  • Large Companies in the Retail market: distribution and luxury fashion
  • Medium/Large Companies of Tourism market
  • Medium/Small Companies (but effectives and with innovative imprinting):
    • Frozen goods distribution to Ho.Re.Ca and Large Distribution
    • Digital Transformation
    • Digital Marketing
    • It services and solution delivery
    • Collaboration and Communication technology
    • Information and Data management
    • Customer care and Contact Center
    • System Integration
  • Working-groups for:
    • evaluation of entrepreneurship potential based on structured ideas and business plans for startups
    • Innovation and new opportunities
  • In PA, for some local Municipalities in the province of Turin
  • For private customers with Interior Design and refurbishments proposals
  • A niche (but of value) for graphics and advertising

And here some of the deliverables released or that we contributed to deliver:Click to continue

  • ICT services and general advice to CEO, CIO, CFO, CHRO — Design of the Organization for ICT transformation — Advice and analysis for an ICT governance and methodology: framework, procedures, policies, rules, tools,… — High level design for the ICT Security framework and definition of policies and control procedures — Audit execution on IT General Control (ITGC) — Member of the steering committee super-visioning a significant “Data Center consolidation” project – RFP, negotiation and assignment (then management) of the outsourcing services managing the world wide ICT technology infrastructure — Definition and continuous maintenance of the ICT Strategy based on a 3–year rolling road-map addressing the IT initiatives to enable the development, improvement, innovation and business transformation of the Company — Re-hosting of the ICT core applications from Mainframe to Departmental systems — Design of a new Data Center tier–3 and its implementation without stopping the continuous operation and “during business operation“
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions from the design to the implementation and operation. Governance of the process which defines and maintains the BCP and DRP procedures
  • Crisis Management: in a continuous improvement and “never ended” project scope, the definition of the entire framework to manage Crisis events (processes definition, processes and solutions design, management of the implementation of systems, tools and documentations both for IT and Business departments, management and support of the operations)
  • ERP Finance as-is assessment for an ERP Transformation
  • Operational solution, based on smart and mobile devices to automate the management of findings or not-compliance in an end-to-end workflow (detection, transmission, approval, PO, execution, check and follow-up)
  • Implementation of a prototype for Telemedicine
  • Business Intelligence and Data visualization: reporting and smart dashboards with warnings or alarms on defined thresholds for some of the business processes. A Corporate Performance for operational KPIs, available in Intranet and in mobility for a paper-less departments. The basis for the Excellence and Continuous processes improvement
  • Management of Business Unit with P&L mission — R&D assessment for CEO, Funders, and Top Management — Assessment and improvement of the Organizations and processes — Member of the working group with CTO and CR&D to improve and design the Software Factory improvements — Set-up of travel agency and its operational management during the first year
  • Real Estate assessment and budget definition to solve “no-compliance” with respect to the regulations (legal, safety, security, privacy, …) for the Company and its network of shops and malls on territory
  • Advertising campaigns for “branded watches” — Advertising: brochures, posters, digital content for monitor, totem, manifest, flyers, …
  • Design of a wearable bracelet with RFiD device then produced and operated
  • Proposals for Interior design and refurbishment for “typical” vacation apartments
  • Support and consultancy for Municipalities in the Local Public Administration (compliance and support for administrative, fiscal, logistic,… depending on the regulations defining the “production of goods and services in the territory”)