“We brought in all the countries of the community of our secret weapons: the books, the cultural programs, the technical assistance in agriculture. Concerts, exhibitions, debates are continuously present in the factory. The library is made up of tens of thousands of books and magazines from all around the world. In Olivetti work intellectuals, writers, artists, some of them at apical level. The culture here has a lot of value ”. “A factory cannot look only for the index of profits. But even to distribute wealth, culture, services, democracy”

(Adriano Olivetti)

Areas of expertise


On different markets, sectors, areas and processes, “the practical knowledge that comes from experience.” The contribution appropriate to contribute to the maximization of value for the customer

The applied knowledge that comes from experiences and interests. The appropriate contribution to maximize the value for the customer

In General:
Leadership – Coaching – Management of departments, processes, people and relationships – Understanding of Company strategies with consequent engagement of the Information Technology to develop the solutions aimed at maximizing the results – Management of execution processes – Rationals evaluation for outsourcing or insourcing – Relationships with the University– Definition and management of complex projects of change choosing the reasonable and effective solutions – Methodology – Organization – Change management – Negotiation and procurement of goods and of services (not only IT, for example for Facility and Property Management in real estate of large retailers) – Application portfolio Management and operational services – Approach to the cloud.

ICT Advisor to support the CEO, CFO, CIO, Middle management, …, Excellence & Continuos improvements, …

Interim Management:
Temporary Management rather than support or advice to the Managers of the operational departments (ICT, Quality, Delivery, Audit …)

Approach and analysis for the adoption of methodological reference framework, rules and policies definition – Program and Project management (PMI certification in place)

Consulting services on the analysis for the adherence to the required compliances, activity planning and follow-up  (experiences in ITGC, PCI/DSS, SOX-ICT, Privacy, self standars definded by the customer itself)

Governance for ICT:
Framework for the governance – ICT strategy and roadmap –Click to continue ICT reporting (SLA & KPI, quality & productivity, services & application catalogue, …) –  Service management – Experiences in addressing solutions for a Service Monitoring also H24x7 – Software selection methodology – Support on the contracts definition and negotiations – Experiences in the budgeting process for ICT (RGT method: Run – Growth – Transform) and in the management and control of the spending during FY

Business Reporting and Analytics:
Targets definition and logical architecture for the representation of data and their availability also on mobility

Competences on some of the Business processes (Booking, CRM, CC, BI, CPM, ECM/EIM, HCM, eChannels, Procurement, …)

Human Resources:
Collaboration with HR department to address or improve (together with IT and vertical Partners specifically skilled on HR) the HR processes – Organization, Skill assessment, Talent management, Performances evaluation, scouting of new professional skills needed to face the business transformation impacts

Smart working:
Significant interest and specific skills and experiences in adopting smart framework to facilitate the “new wave” of work (already developed a pilot roll-out)

Critical Business Processes:
Support to the design of solutions for Crisis Management – logical design and architectural support Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, and subsequent support and guidance in drafting the governance procedures, the tests and the management of the BCP and DRP – Support to the Retail Technical Departments on some aspects (general program & project management, spending program for sanity check and compliance with respect to the rules and regulations to whom the Company and its shops and malls must be compliant)

Other Skills:
Interior Design – Graphic design and advertising – Support to the Municipalities regarding the management (legal and operational) of the aspects related to the production of goods and services